Building a simple blockchain network application in Javascript / NodeJS

As part of my 'Coding without a purpose...' brainfart, I finally started a project that has been on my mind for ages. Building a simple blockchain network application in Javascript.

You’ll probably think, this guy is crazy.. yeap I probably am. No way that this is going to be an useful application. Or anything near to a real operating blockchain with any value. Just taking on the challenge and triggering my brains a bit, maybe I’ll finally learn a bit more about the underlaying technology of blockchains. Or it will be just a complete waste of time, at least I hope I had fun.

Of course I will put the progress, once I have any, on GitHub

The first phase of this project will be setting up the base project structure and peer-to-peer networking part. As soon as I get that working as I want, it will be published to GitHub.

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