March 22, 2023

Moved back to simple static self hosting in a Docker container from having this site hosted at Netlify

After switching to static builds from SSR and having some other issues with Netlify, I decided to go back to self hosting in a Docker container.

Also, my website doesn’t really generates that much traffic … if there’s one visitor a day I’m already lucky :D

So, back to self hosting in a Docker container on my fiber connection at home. Keeping the source in Github, with a webhook to my private GitLab instance for building the site, building the docker container and deploying.

I had some issues with non-working redirects and trailing slashes that I couldn’t get rid of, which is super easy with just some lines in my nginx config. Netlify was nice to play around a bit, but overkill for my personal websites.

Will be moving my photography website next..

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