January 1, 2023

New Year, New Website

It was about time I started doing something with my personal website again.

Call it a new year’s resolution, or whatever you want.. It’s just something that had to be done.

The Year 2022

In the first 3 months of the year I was mainly focussed on cleaning out my old home, as at the end of 2021 our bid on a house was accepted. \o/

Meanwhile at work we had a smooth Winter Olympic Games operation running for the month of February.

Moved in the new home in April and since then every day feels like a mini vacation..

Lots of work has been done, mainly around the house, to make it more and more ‘our’ place. Getting loads of concrete and other rubble removed from the old farm terrain together with our neighbours. Since then slowly creating a garden plan and the concrete foundation was laid for a shed.

Also took some steps to focus more on my mental and physical health, living outside the city helps a lot with that. Taking almost-daily walks outside, having a small park nearby is a big plus. Also started doing weekly personal training sessions at my CrossFit box, which I joined a couple of years ago.

Still enjoying a good meal with a nice glass of wine and cheese plate, or a nice barrel aged beer every now and then. Enjoying life is as much as important.

Recently took a workshop nature photography to trigger my photography hobby a bit and created a small website to show off my work: 31f-fotografie.nl

Plans for this year

I don’t really believe in new year’s resolutions, but these are more like plans .. or goals .. or nice to achieve this year things..

First half of the year will be mainly about getting the shed built, and work out the garden plan to be able to enjoy the summer in a new garden.

Starting up the home brewery again, haven’t brewed beers for some time now.

Take more photography workshops

Overall less focus on work, more focus on life, mental and physical health. But also, work on some personal coding projects again. Will be updating this site every now and then with new things.

Have a good & healty 2023. Be more nice to each other!

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