Tech - Jeroen van Wissen

February 25, 2023


Generate a simple sitemap.xml on your website

Without adding an external dependency to your project, I worked out a simple solution to generate a sitemap.xml on your Server-Side-Rendered website. I'm using this on my websites hosted on Netlify

February 24, 2023


Implemented TinaCMS

Since I started working with I was looking for a really simple CMS system that could publish Markdown (.md) files to GitHub and found that TinaCMS could do the job...

February 19, 2023


Website layout updates

Decided to redo the website a bit, wasn't too happy with the previous black/white theme. Also simplified things a bit and started working with the Content Collection feature.

January 29, 2023


Category pages added

Categories are now clickable and link to post per category pages..

January 2, 2023


Built with

I started to build simple websites like this one with, a static html generator framework.